Friday, May 20, 2005

Cannabidiol-3d - Part II of "How to arrest Brown People" WAABoBM

Arresting brown people. A national pastime here in America, land of the.... something. Beautiful land. America. Wouldn't leave it unless absolutely necessary. On the other hand, when are we gonna stop aresting brown people for carrying around atoms of a different arrangement. It can't possibly matter much. A few errant electrons... if things keep going along brown mothers will simply give birth to their offspring in prison. Cradle to grave in the goo-goo-ga-ga-logs. Biosynthesis of Cannbinoids. Prolly shoulda read this one before that last post on Olivetol... Olivetolic Acid is the reactant species, and clearly more rawkus than mere Olivetol.


Makes my blood boil a bit thinking about it. The question becomes whether those misplaced carbons + hydrogens (ergo acid) would constitute a felony "charge" - please forgive the pun.... or don't... or if the olivetol, meke and neutral might be free! Free at last!!!! Who'da thunk it.

In 1990, of the 739,960 sentenced prisoners in Federal and State prisons, 370,400 were African-American. According to a 2004 report, "At yearend 2003 black males (586,300) outnumbered white males (454,300) and Hispanic males (251,900) among inmates with sentences of more than 1 year (table 11). More than 44% of all sentenced male inmates were black."

So the WoA (War of Atoms) can now officially be dubbed The WAABoBM! (War Against All Brownish or Blackish Men)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tunisia DEM in 3D using Microdem 8.01 alpha

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This is a 3D pic of Tunisia near where the 26th Infantry took off from during WWII on their Jihad against Hitler. Peter Guth, sometimes known as "The General" in GIS circles developed MicroDEM or Terraserver II it is closed source, but its implementation of OpenGL is awesome. ROCK ON PETER GUTH, ROCK ON BLUESPADERS!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


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This is Olivetol, aka C11-H16-02. Olivetol is of the Terpenoid series - many of the etherial wonders of the world are of this series Terpene Biosynthesis is a good review of this process. Olivetol is the precrusor of cannabidiol which is the precursor of delta nine tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. These are the atoms that the US Government believes it is fighting in its "War on Drugs" aka "War on Atoms." Allegedly there were some electrons that were spinning without proper identification... however due to several equations it has been determined that their precise nature will never ever ever be determined... ergo this is a lost cause... this makes our foray into Vietnam look like a methodical act of foresite. Next to the WoA... well there's nothing coming to mind right now to compare it to. It's too stupid. In a league of its own ignorance.

Chemistry I

Time to delve into chemistry. Bio-Rad looks to have a nice, sweet, elegant suite. For a price. And MDL Chime looks to be free... ISIS Chime 2.5 is an old piece. Rad. We'll see how it cooks