Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Jah Loves... a la Allah

...and Allah Allah Allah.... it's hard to take the rest seriously. When in doubt, back to work, and the rest of the time extracting verbiage from a keyboard that might eventually synapse back --- in fact I'm counting on that. The machines have my vote. I've out-sourced so many neurons now it's starting to be a trend. whatever. I barely use them, and the best folks I know let them dance along strands of light - harmonic reasoning. Harmonic theory - aka super string theory - it's easy enough to understand if you think about it like a trampoline - two folks jumpin up and time it right and zzzzooooooooom yer way up there... or guitar strings - harmonic chords etc... so what's the matter - nehow - there it goes again askin questions - wonder which neuron ante'd that one up... quashed - it'll get its answer from Allah or not at all. tonight publishing data again - and fast. couple thousand pages to see what can be done if the computer knows everything about something other than girls and boys doing intimate acts. There's a new product out the called iMira that'll do the job that yer stupid parents can't gifure out how to implement, or your net-admin is to horny to get on....

soon though, soon - and it's not like popular is a thought, so yeah - wonderin' why South East Asia gets a Tsunami, California gets mud slides, and Florida gets Hurricanes? IT IS PURE COINCIDENCE, YA'LL :) Yup, sure guys - well in the mean time I got a bridge to sell - any bidders? Or as they say - "Jeez, why did the number one Child slavery and sex industry have to get hit by a major natural "disaster" (Major upgrade....) - so yeah, all I've got from my armchair is a big picture - satellite style, well yeah, that's the truth, that's all I've got, plus the UN study sayin that 14-20% of East Asian ECONOMY is PROSTITUTION! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

On the other hand what do you call bitch ass housewives who sucker their husbands into kids they don't really want so that they can sit on their FAT DERIERES and rag on the phone! Get to work you lazy ho's! And DUDES! NO EXCUSES!!! If you're not gonna take care of yer seed then don't spread it....
hasta proxima
Maybe I'll put this blog on e-bay under a new catagory - the obvious aka reality- see if anyone wants some of that....

yowza vol 2

vol 2 starts voy-la di dada... that's the simple answer. the long version has video and text too - like on I've stepped way outta line on that last rant on the indymedia sites - splurged and hinted at reality a few dozen times - dozin' now danzig tomorrow. C-ville-indy-media a rockin site with the data to boot -- active community of whiners, whimps, geeks, gooks, freaks, and the rest mantra mandigno style madness.... rock on