Sunday, July 20, 2008

quick chemistry video

Well thanks to VMD, Pubchem + Pubchem Edit + Blender 3d + Biocyc.orghere's a test video of a hypothesized cannabigerolic acid synthase (aka the geranyl diphosphate transferase) that converts olivetolic acid (painted in blue + gray) into cannabigerolic acid (painted with red) need to get the gpp in there correctly and for those who must know the protein is 1U0V - I picked it for a couple reasons, however it's sorta silly cause it hasn't been structured. It's for illustration.

Charlottesville Community Bikes, Aluminum Foundries, and Bling

Had a rad time at the Cville community bike shop this weekend. We melted a bunch of aluminum and one lucky gal got some handmade hard core bling for her wheelz. And every one got to hear a bunch about aluminum, aluminum oxide, steel, slag, and a bunch of other stuff that makes the whole thing so what it is... rad.

Here's a video of the whole thing... may have said aluminum oxide 10+ times... ah well.... metallurgical chemistry = BONUS!