Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bjorn Lomborg Rocks, and so does Global Warming

greeners are dumber than any other humans on earth. except for PETA's. otherwise they're the dumbest. this year am officially pro greenhouse gas. Gore says 6 meters in the next 20 years, I say get ambitious homies, let's get 16. All the shoreline cities suck and are in desperate need of being washed over. They'll make great snorkeling spots, funky estuaries, and wtf - palm trees in Charlottesville's ok by me.

My neighbor in Lexington, Va turned me on to Bjorn Lomborg, the dude's badass

Sunday, December 16, 2007

enzymatic thc & cannabinoids.... patent pending technology for sale on

So it's time to sell this thing. am opting for for marketing - also got a poster contest in the make... we'll see. this morning my quote of the day came from daniel webster -
A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures.

and it was right next to a quote from ole TJ about banks being bogus...

anyhow, none of it matters... on the flip side the entertainment value - and this is the stuff that rocks... is keeping me going. That and google analytics...

over a month and barely 100 visitors. that's pathetic.

the guy selling his page by the pixel got like 100 million visitors.

anyhow. craigslist rocks. see that phone number on - that's the phone number made possible by some dude on craigslist who responded to my plea for a free phone within 15 minutes. By noon the next day i had a free phone to plug in to my outlet... 15 minutes later some spammer from India was calling me about my interest rates....

time... So hook it up, click on - it's good for a chuckle. plus there's a geeked contest with some swank y3k prizes including a 3d scanner... :)