Friday, December 09, 2005

40' container to (Iraqi) freedom, almost a year ago, succeeded in shipping a container of computers to Iraq - supplementing a group already established in the Northern region where the Kurds live. It will be interesting to see where our efforts may land. The right stuff is sure to emerge in time. has created a really cool all-purpose completely wilderness ready solar /pedal powered system with a satellite com-link and we'll see what that baby runs. Looking forward to it. According to Charles Brennick - the tireless captain of the shipping costs should not run about $8,000 or so from the United States through Turkey and onland through to Iraq. To the South where the Ma'dan live - p'raps another couple grand.

Update - Lisa @ Trans Global Moving has a quote @ $6,900 to Kuwait = very cool. She says an armed Mad Max style escort into Iraq is necessary for anything beyond the border. Armed escorts in the region run $8,000 to $12,000. 3fty.Us is now up and running - a defaul Joomla package with some nice components running.

Clock is a tick tockin'

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kudzu aka Pueraria Lobata aka Ohwi Form and Function Review

My kitchen now has two buckets with root in various stages of production, a third vessel carries the root in chunks, and another bucket contains the remnants of first round blending and grinding. Having weakened hands from weekend warrioring for the last several moons my grip on the machette has provided blisters well along my palms. The claims of kudzu as a hand cream and soap must be true - -- my silky-smooth blistery hands... oooh ahhhh.

Form - lifted off the of HPLC land - 14 isoflavones of varying funkytions -
Puerarin, Diadzin, Diadzein, etc..
So here's the short list on kudzu functions -

One vat in the corner is murky and smells like glue - it's about three days through its seven day adventure into becoming the goo for myself and my boozing friends. The gray starchy sediment along the bottom is congealing a bit, and we're about to test the Bonaroo Method of hurrying things up a bit.

NB: The Bonaroo Method should be fine given a 36 hour delay - necessary for the starchy sediment - otherwise don't waste your time straining.

and the oven has now reduced a few gallons of guck into several ounces of starchy, grayish glue. Having given this glue to several of my heavier drinking friends and declared its flavor to be like that of yams, heating the stuff destroys all of the meds inside.

Anyhow - HPLC for Kudzu can be done for a cost...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Binary For Allah

"Some of us are like ink and some like paper.
And if it were not for the blackness
of some of us, some of us would be dumb.
And if it were not for the whiteness
of some of us, some of us would be blind."

Kahlil Gibran - whatta way to say thank you == whatta great day's been today. Coffee + Cardamom, kudzu cleared and yes, the nitrogenated soil has a dark, breathable hue to it - some of the best dirt I've ever laid eyes on. Turning the brambles down into the soil about eight to twelve inches or so should leave plenty of food for worms and give next years crops something special to root in :) So far so good.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Virginia Goat Herders Attack Kudzu - Kudzu Fights Alcohol Back

Kudzu Korner next to chez wahoowa and the tracks - this is where the initial harvest may begin...
Final Answer Courtesy Apalachia Science in the Public Interest - managing kudzu in south western virginia

West Virginia Goat Study adds Kudzu Management to the list of cool goat funktions. The Virginia State Dairy posse knows this all too well, yet their local hero John Coles - o tempora, o mores... ya know?

kick kudzu in the kiester and get back to your big backyard!

Also check out Kudzu Cuisine some nice recipes - a vinegar I bet she end's up selling on Ebay :)

In a bizarre twist kudzu is also well known in China as a drinking dispeller, an unusual property according to David Lee of Research Park
This may be good news for the wahoos - Charlottesville's a village covered in kudzu and booze.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Community Security Cameras & Phone-a-thon North Korea

Got a new site going up - bit of a tongue twister. Anyhow, its funktion is to focus attention on the up side of massive, affordable camera and recording technology.

Phone-a-thon North Korea - raise 1,000,000 cameraphones for North Korea - reaching out and not touching. As a general rule it seems almost any two average people can get along. As a general rule it is the massive egos ruling nations that sets stuff to ruin. North Korea suffers one of the greatest most despotic regimes ever recorded. Add to that a couple of Nukes and it's time we get to negotiating. We can let our leaders do some of that, and with "Kick Mass" Condi around it's more likely than ever to happen - we need to get in there though, and explain to these people what's going on!!! They're our brothers and sisters, ya'll or close enough, and letting them suffer brings great suffering to everyone. Please help with ideas or items,

Spread the love - if you're reading this you can help.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Brian Park, Meadow Creek, DynaMIT, ILUTE, and UrbanSIM

Digital urban landscaping is legos for geeks. Uber-geeks like Dr. Byungkyu Park of UVa's prestigous Civil Engineering department lead teams of students through missions on a Sim Cityish level capturing dynamic data from highways to discover efficiencies in transportation scenarios... collaborating with the MIT team they have developed an open source model known as DynaMIT. One can easily imagine a posse of geeks banging around in labs at two in the morning gobbling coffee while listening to the latest AC/DC record slamming in the background.

Dr. Park immediately recognized my intentions and graciously steered me away from, by the sounds of it, what would be a great alternative for a senior thesis project...

Dr. Park spoke realistically and to our means, also suggesting that we work with the service groups in the department and think about using a tested model survey such as TACOS designed in Toronto, Canada.

So after looking around it's probably going to be UrbanSim and ILUTE
tutorials to come in sha'allaah

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Neo (sporin) Nazi

Neosporin kicks ass. Neosporin demolishes virus, bacteria, fungi and it kills it fast. It's brutal. It slays meager and ruthless ectodermal flora and fauna like homeboy makes hay. Speaking of making f-in hay what the heck is the deal with the dopes driving their lawnmowers around the yard - taking gasoline and turning the blood, sweat, and lives of American Soldiers to have a nice lawn. That's a mess, that's not funny at all. That's so irresponsible it makes me wonder what has happened to the balls of the men in America. Men, look in there. If you don't see a pair of nuts you are in "trouble" to say the least. You are making bad decisions and all the rest of the men in the world are all laughing at you.

This does not apply to gardeners and this does not apply to lawn-caretakers who are often the baddest of the breed.

This refers to the schmucks who sit their with FUBAR lawnmowers twice a week to keep your wifey on the suck. Listen bro, it's not worth it. So do something else. Wait and let it get gnarly. Let it get three or four feet high, and harvest the stuff. At least then you're a badass.

This is for your own good. If you don't have a pair of nuts, pretend. Stop mowing your grass. If you must kill, be a neo-sporin nazi. There's plenty of killin for everyone, and everyone knows you gotta keep your eye on the little guy!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


We'll see how it goes. Posted comments on
and in their forums. Also posted in - nothing going on there at all, ditto cannabisculture

lotta talk, no action yet.

waiting patiently is an honor

that's what i heard on the vine

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Legal Thriller - Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Provisional Patent

Yup - that's right - Wednesday of last week Neptune stationed direct and we went live with the first draft of the Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Provisional Patnent - filed electronically via e-Pave 5.2 and linked together with the EFS-ABX package the whole thing rang in at a reasonable $100. Felt enormously fair - my favorite part was getting the graphics to load properly - kinda a chafe with the tif black and white specifications in place - 300 dpi is enough to have some mandelbrot fun - take a look at this sweet description from the drawings section

the only other picture was a geeky diagram of how one acronym turns into another acronym with the help, love, and general well-wishings of some helper acronyms. Really.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Greenstone Digital Library and Archive Tool


Nearly seven years of development over in the New Zealand backwoods - brought by UNESCO to the public as a free open-source multimedia library package...

Key Features:

* Handles PDF, Microsoft, SQL, Images, Sound, Video

* Search through Lucene Engine

* Indexes to Dublin Core, Marc 21, METS, DSpace, and Open Archive Standards

* "The Librarian" Interface (not live on demo site) allows librarians to moderate the media that is viewed and how it is searched


1) Click on "26th Infantry History"

2) Search for "Tunisia"

3) Use the interface that is built in to documents or it can be arranged hierarchically - each document can be arranged as is best suited for that unique document

4) "Detach" document allows the document to be viewed in a seperate browser window

5)Highlighting is toggled via switch at top

Saturday, September 10, 2005

How to Jihad

Golly, lotta people out there arguing over this. Arguing for the sake of argument, and not too much more. not a tip toer meself, let's rock it out - i've been on a serious Jihad for about five years now. It's a heck of a trip, gotta tell ya, and it's the only thing worth doin' - least for some of us. And it's fun. And it's non-violent.

Best Jihadist of the last century: Ghandi

Not Jihad: Osama bin Laden, Saddham Hussein

Ever wonder why it seems like the Arab world is crazy - cause crazy makes the headlines, and submissive Islamic people ain't newsworthy - it's like if you judged America by Timothy McVeigh or some such crap. Looking at the world from their perspective is like us looking at them from our perspective - of course the pisser here is that the only folks who're gonna read this are gonna have to be on the Internet - and that's a fairly erudite group, most of them (I assume) know better than to hate other people as a group. It's like saying New Jersey belongs under the ocean. Yes, there is a lot of crud in NJ. Then again, meet a guy from New Jersey, tell him you're from Jersey, and you've got a new best friend - literally - those folks STICK TOGETHER!!! And that's rad, and that's healthy, and that's Jihad, ya'll. Stickin together, working as a team -- those are ideals that we all know work wonders when it's for the betterment of the earth, and not against some other group. Anyhow, this tiny miniscule ant is off to pick pears and make some yogurt and gleefully accept his puniness with a glass of coffee and a grin,
good luck
good love
rock on

ps Yeeeeehaw = Jihad in English

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Holy War Against Atomic Compounds

Well, that title says most of it. They're fighting things they don't understand, cause they're too chick-livered to fight things like hate, rape, violence etc... It's classic. And so now I live in a police state, America. Man o man o man. Whatta day. Whatta year. 20 billion or so according to the War on Drugs Clock jeez.... couldn't there be a more useful way to spend money? Fighting plants, fighting atoms, fighting things that occur naturally. Fighting the way people think by putting them in jail when they don't agree, or when their minds work differently from other people's. Prozac won't work on me. Neither will Ritalin. Cannabinoids mediate my central medial hypothalamus - an overactive part of my mind, and allow me some rest.

Marijuana and prayer go together like peas carrots and and black eyed peas. it's a known fact. Bob Marley preached it. That's almost passe now, though - the thought of fasting a week and smoking up and praying... yeah, that's right - giving thanks - peacefully, alone, silently - listening to God as the the world winds itself around It's Mighty Will. Whatever anyone else is talking about I'll never know, that moment of submission to Will is the only ecstacy worth mentioning, and yes, it can be enjoyed without cannabinoids, and yes, it can be enjoyed with them. It's personal, it's beyond words, and it's WELL BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF THE FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES TO DICTATE! Those blind cowards. I do not hate them, I don't hate anyone. Hate of humanity is forbidden to me by my Master.

Please - if you have any recourse on this matter take your free will into account, and hold yourself accountable - Are you a police officer? Do not look for drugs - they are not your concern. Are you a District Attorney? Do not prosecute drug cases. Are you a politician? Do not pass laws with regards to drugs - in so far as no one knows what a given chemical means to a given set of neurons.

Does this banter seem like blabber? Straighten your spine, men, women - read, learn, study - see if these are lies.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fuqua Tonne

It's official - Fuqua, aka Critter, is in the wikipedia. A Fuqua Tonne means "exactly enough, neither more nor less than an absolutely critical amount."


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A Fuqua - English slang, unit of measure "Fuqua Tonne" or "Fuqua Load" a synonym of "enough" - to have one's fill. Considered to be the most exact unit of it's kind

Fuqua is a colloquiliasm of Charlottesville and surrounding areas. Can be used as an exclamation: Fuqua! (Enough) pronounced "few'kwah"

Usage: q: "How much do you have of that" a: "A Fuqua Tonne"

How to determine if you have a Fuqua Tonne of something.

If you have some, (more than zero) of something, and the answer to "Do you want more" of that something is "no" or "naw" then you have a Fuqua Tonne

Chris "Critter" Fuqua of Old Crow Medicine Show became a living paradigm of the Fuqua Tonne when he decided to pass at the "opportunity" to achieve greater earthly fame, explaining he had had "enough" and did not need "more" fame (YET - fyi the gentle reader may duly note that all's well with them fine yung upstarts from down in the valley, they're all swell). With that he had the first officially termed "Fuqua Tonne" of show business....

for the time

when they ask




Sunday, July 31, 2005


heryzen @ 14 st - july 31
made with 33 pictures, autopano 1.03, hugin panorama .5, and the gimp 2.2

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Originally uploaded by phunktion.
This is the boisenberry bush behind the house= plenty to go around - sprouted about ten more seedlings around the 'hood - next year or so. Very tart, not bitter, not sweet, amazing yield. yum

to whit - each one of them is about 1" inch long by 3/4" an inch diameter - amazin

Let Every Little Thing You Do With Love - Bob Marley

No recovery from Bob Marley of late ;) no cure needed. Love is one of the really awesome tracks to come out in the release of "best of" albums in the last couple years - it's really pretty with Rita & the 3 I's chiming in every time the word "Love" is repeated...
Still gotta figure out what they're saying in the last stanza.. beautiful - go to Ernie B's if you need a copy...

Let every little thing you do with Love
And every little thing you say with Love
Let every little thing you do with Love
And every little thing you say with Love
True True Love, Love
Sweet Sweet Love, Love
Holding me this way with Love
Keeping me this way with Love
The way you're holding me this way with Love
is just a keeping me this way with love
Love Love
Sweet sweet Love
True true Love, Love
<--sweet trumpet interlude-->
Sweet Love
True Love

We gotta read??? somewhere with Love
Everybody gotta be there with Love
We gotta read??? somewhere with Love
And everybody gotta be there with Love
True true Love
Sweet sweet Love
Love love
True true Love
Sweet sweet Love
Sweet Love

Vega ZZ TOP ROCKS!! Molecular Modeling Tutorial

Whatta sweet program - up there with PYMOL

The integration of ESCHER NG adds Docking capability (the ability to toss a 3D protein file (eg PDB and test its compatability with another protein or a small ligand. To take advantage of this tool you may choose to first apply the MOPAC6 - this will perform quantum mechanic functions on selected regions - by selecting pockets from a 3d server like the Leeds Bioinformatic Pocket Finder You can adjust the selected pocket regions from the resulting pdb file to better understand the docking potentials...

In our example we will look at how the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid synthase [Cannabis sativa (hemp)] molecule you can download the pdb file from the National Institute of Health

Thursday, July 07, 2005

change atom style isis chime

change atom style isis chime
Originally uploaded by phunktion.
A sweet tutorial is now available on that'll show you how to design a small 50s ish atom molecule and clean it up to get into Rasmol .mol format for 3d viewing pleasure - stay tuned in for a groovy Pymol tutorial soon to follow.

To follow this tutorial you'll need a copy of MDL Chime - a free chemistry modeller / design tool provided by Elsevier MDL

Friday, July 01, 2005

Classy Lady Advises "Get yo fat ass in a lap band biatch!!"

Pageant Coaching at Classy Lady - get your fat ass in a lap band!

***revision*** ok so it was a banner ad - still it's a classic, and there are two of them there from lap-band surgeons in Mexico
This is lap-band lab-laugh-spictacular Check it out - you can't make this up

This one has got to be one of the most epic sites to date - straight up - are you a fat ass? ok, go to our Mexican Dr. named Pedro and have him hove a ring around your fat stomach and quit eating! :)
Dr. Pedro Kuri at your convenience - and a mere hop skip and no malpractice jump across the border.... Voyla! Fighting your gargantuan gluttony is a disease, and Dr. Pedro has the cure.
gut wrench, check.  tacos, check.  what part of stop eating you fat-ass dont you understand?

What part of "Stop eating, you fat bastard" don't you understand - course the doc's jus' doin' his job - repeat business is good business....

ah well.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Originally uploaded by funkydude.
The details - it's all in them, that and the big stuff - it's all in that too

Friday, May 20, 2005

Cannabidiol-3d - Part II of "How to arrest Brown People" WAABoBM

Arresting brown people. A national pastime here in America, land of the.... something. Beautiful land. America. Wouldn't leave it unless absolutely necessary. On the other hand, when are we gonna stop aresting brown people for carrying around atoms of a different arrangement. It can't possibly matter much. A few errant electrons... if things keep going along brown mothers will simply give birth to their offspring in prison. Cradle to grave in the goo-goo-ga-ga-logs. Biosynthesis of Cannbinoids. Prolly shoulda read this one before that last post on Olivetol... Olivetolic Acid is the reactant species, and clearly more rawkus than mere Olivetol.


Makes my blood boil a bit thinking about it. The question becomes whether those misplaced carbons + hydrogens (ergo acid) would constitute a felony "charge" - please forgive the pun.... or don't... or if the olivetol, meke and neutral might be free! Free at last!!!! Who'da thunk it.

In 1990, of the 739,960 sentenced prisoners in Federal and State prisons, 370,400 were African-American. According to a 2004 report, "At yearend 2003 black males (586,300) outnumbered white males (454,300) and Hispanic males (251,900) among inmates with sentences of more than 1 year (table 11). More than 44% of all sentenced male inmates were black."

So the WoA (War of Atoms) can now officially be dubbed The WAABoBM! (War Against All Brownish or Blackish Men)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tunisia DEM in 3D using Microdem 8.01 alpha

Originally uploaded by funkydude.
This is a 3D pic of Tunisia near where the 26th Infantry took off from during WWII on their Jihad against Hitler. Peter Guth, sometimes known as "The General" in GIS circles developed MicroDEM or Terraserver II it is closed source, but its implementation of OpenGL is awesome. ROCK ON PETER GUTH, ROCK ON BLUESPADERS!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Originally uploaded by funkydude.
This is Olivetol, aka C11-H16-02. Olivetol is of the Terpenoid series - many of the etherial wonders of the world are of this series Terpene Biosynthesis is a good review of this process. Olivetol is the precrusor of cannabidiol which is the precursor of delta nine tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. These are the atoms that the US Government believes it is fighting in its "War on Drugs" aka "War on Atoms." Allegedly there were some electrons that were spinning without proper identification... however due to several equations it has been determined that their precise nature will never ever ever be determined... ergo this is a lost cause... this makes our foray into Vietnam look like a methodical act of foresite. Next to the WoA... well there's nothing coming to mind right now to compare it to. It's too stupid. In a league of its own ignorance.

Chemistry I

Time to delve into chemistry. Bio-Rad looks to have a nice, sweet, elegant suite. For a price. And MDL Chime looks to be free... ISIS Chime 2.5 is an old piece. Rad. We'll see how it cooks

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pedal Power Bicycle

Pedal Power Bicycle
Originally uploaded by funkydude.
This is a project in the making - if anyone get's excited lemme hip you to this factoid - it's better for places where you really are SOL for power - out in the woods etc, and places like India, Sierra Leone, or wherever else... 100-200 Watts is a ton of juice if you wanna play a radio, and that's really still in theory mode for moi. My laptop drains 60 some Watts / hour and I never got it steady runnin.... still it's a dandy thought, and this little number got some feedback from the locals (

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Mini greenhuts, spinach and peppers

The peppers need a few extra weeks, so I've built a couple of mini greenhouses using old drawers and some translucent plastic. This may have been an eroneous effort, however, concern is minimal. The peppers will be worth the angst.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Potato dub

We have planted about ten types of potatos today. All Blue, Russian Fingerling, Rose Gold, Yukon Gold, Island Sunshine.... list to expand in the next few days. The tiller and synapsed to my skin earlier this morning, and we are getting along agreeably well... plowed about forty rows, and that's a good start. My co-workers are well mannered, wholesome, and healthy. Whatta blast.

So here's the system
------------ where 1) ----------- ='s a row
x<->x<->x<->x 2) x ='s potato
------------ 3) <-> ='s about 12 inches
x<->x<->x<->x 4) -----------
------------ ----------- ='s space between 2 row for ho'in
every twenty rows or so we farmscape - look at ATTRA 's website for some clues -- we're planning to do some wormwood, some coriander, and somme other spices - we'll keep ya posted.
The bat houses look especially intriguing... if anyone out there has a clue post it!
rock on

Monday, March 21, 2005

Living will - this is my "living well" living will

Hi Ya'll - For what it is worth - let it hereby be known that if I'm ever in a spot where I'm unable to speak for myself or act under my own recognizance -- please let me go. Give me a decent push if that's all it takes. That's it. No intubations. No Hostpitals. Given that I love life, and as long as I may rock, I hope to hop around rockin'. Next scene - an outdoor funeral pyre - call the police or firefolks first. Let them know you're having a bon bon-fire. Then burn the whole thing up spark it and that's it. Once stuff's settled try to plant a tree on top of the burn site. A banyan might be nice. Maybe a walnut, a dogwood, an apple. No ornamentals.
Party on,
/Anson David Parker/

Sunday, March 20, 2005

GIS in it

Still waiting on the Knoppix-GIS package to arrive from Sweden or wherever the heck. It will add a complete GIS solution to my desktop, and if I can find the seerver space for it I'll host it for you there... I downloaded v1.0- - it took about three days of periodic wireless hook-ups to get the 690 MB file. MD5'd it with fastsum and yup - there she is. Oh well, GRASS is a heck of a "solution" set - now it's time to get some data in there. I'm in the Charlottesville region, looking at working on a farm called Maple Hill farm - aka The best of what's around. So now it's time to figure out why anyone cares, or how it works - generally I don't even know enough to ask ask a question yet, so I'm asking the pro's who wrote the guidebook ANSWERS.

This is so cool -- GRASS started out as a US Military Project. They passed the torch on to Baylor and then the Italians (see above link) and Germans took the European lead picked it up from there. After that was done the download in Sweden (sourcepole link above). Git down with the global download / freenode. Ain't the net cool?


OK so a tutorial in GIS data to follow from the ANSWERS query below
rock on

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Our enemy is Stupid, and it's everywhere

I'm working with the Corps of Cadets - the VMI reprobates - to finish up a massive database project that includes several million pages of documenation. Today I gave them a wholly unnecessary rally cry "We are fighting an enemy. Our enemy has a name. It's name is 'Stupid,' and it is everywhere. We will fight it with our data. We will send knowledge to the deepest darkest realms of the net, and we will win. We are getting ready to upload massive rounds of knowledge at mach speed. The scanner is your artillery. Load it with data, fire when ready."

I love giving pep talks, I think I'm getting psyched as much as anyone - plus the bonus affect is that I'm working with some really bad-ass dudes. GO VMI!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Jah Loves... a la Allah

...and Allah Allah Allah.... it's hard to take the rest seriously. When in doubt, back to work, and the rest of the time extracting verbiage from a keyboard that might eventually synapse back --- in fact I'm counting on that. The machines have my vote. I've out-sourced so many neurons now it's starting to be a trend. whatever. I barely use them, and the best folks I know let them dance along strands of light - harmonic reasoning. Harmonic theory - aka super string theory - it's easy enough to understand if you think about it like a trampoline - two folks jumpin up and time it right and zzzzooooooooom yer way up there... or guitar strings - harmonic chords etc... so what's the matter - nehow - there it goes again askin questions - wonder which neuron ante'd that one up... quashed - it'll get its answer from Allah or not at all. tonight publishing data again - and fast. couple thousand pages to see what can be done if the computer knows everything about something other than girls and boys doing intimate acts. There's a new product out the called iMira that'll do the job that yer stupid parents can't gifure out how to implement, or your net-admin is to horny to get on....

soon though, soon - and it's not like popular is a thought, so yeah - wonderin' why South East Asia gets a Tsunami, California gets mud slides, and Florida gets Hurricanes? IT IS PURE COINCIDENCE, YA'LL :) Yup, sure guys - well in the mean time I got a bridge to sell - any bidders? Or as they say - "Jeez, why did the number one Child slavery and sex industry have to get hit by a major natural "disaster" (Major upgrade....) - so yeah, all I've got from my armchair is a big picture - satellite style, well yeah, that's the truth, that's all I've got, plus the UN study sayin that 14-20% of East Asian ECONOMY is PROSTITUTION! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

On the other hand what do you call bitch ass housewives who sucker their husbands into kids they don't really want so that they can sit on their FAT DERIERES and rag on the phone! Get to work you lazy ho's! And DUDES! NO EXCUSES!!! If you're not gonna take care of yer seed then don't spread it....
hasta proxima
Maybe I'll put this blog on e-bay under a new catagory - the obvious aka reality- see if anyone wants some of that....

yowza vol 2

vol 2 starts voy-la di dada... that's the simple answer. the long version has video and text too - like on I've stepped way outta line on that last rant on the indymedia sites - splurged and hinted at reality a few dozen times - dozin' now danzig tomorrow. C-ville-indy-media a rockin site with the data to boot -- active community of whiners, whimps, geeks, gooks, freaks, and the rest mantra mandigno style madness.... rock on