Friday, July 01, 2005

Classy Lady Advises "Get yo fat ass in a lap band biatch!!"

Pageant Coaching at Classy Lady - get your fat ass in a lap band!

***revision*** ok so it was a banner ad - still it's a classic, and there are two of them there from lap-band surgeons in Mexico
This is lap-band lab-laugh-spictacular Check it out - you can't make this up

This one has got to be one of the most epic sites to date - straight up - are you a fat ass? ok, go to our Mexican Dr. named Pedro and have him hove a ring around your fat stomach and quit eating! :)
Dr. Pedro Kuri at your convenience - and a mere hop skip and no malpractice jump across the border.... Voyla! Fighting your gargantuan gluttony is a disease, and Dr. Pedro has the cure.
gut wrench, check.  tacos, check.  what part of stop eating you fat-ass dont you understand?

What part of "Stop eating, you fat bastard" don't you understand - course the doc's jus' doin' his job - repeat business is good business....

ah well.

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