Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Legal Thriller - Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Provisional Patent

Yup - that's right - Wednesday of last week Neptune stationed direct and we went live with the first draft of the Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Provisional Patnent - filed electronically via e-Pave 5.2 and linked together with the EFS-ABX package the whole thing rang in at a reasonable $100. Felt enormously fair - my favorite part was getting the graphics to load properly - kinda a chafe with the tif black and white specifications in place - 300 dpi is enough to have some mandelbrot fun - take a look at this sweet description from the drawings section

the only other picture was a geeky diagram of how one acronym turns into another acronym with the help, love, and general well-wishings of some helper acronyms. Really.