Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bjorn Lomborg Rocks, and so does Global Warming

greeners are dumber than any other humans on earth. except for PETA's. otherwise they're the dumbest. this year am officially pro greenhouse gas. Gore says 6 meters in the next 20 years, I say get ambitious homies, let's get 16. All the shoreline cities suck and are in desperate need of being washed over. They'll make great snorkeling spots, funky estuaries, and wtf - palm trees in Charlottesville's ok by me.

My neighbor in Lexington, Va turned me on to Bjorn Lomborg, the dude's badass

Sunday, December 16, 2007

enzymatic thc & cannabinoids.... patent pending technology for sale on

So it's time to sell this thing. am opting for for marketing - also got a poster contest in the make... we'll see. this morning my quote of the day came from daniel webster -
A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures.

and it was right next to a quote from ole TJ about banks being bogus...

anyhow, none of it matters... on the flip side the entertainment value - and this is the stuff that rocks... is keeping me going. That and google analytics...

over a month and barely 100 visitors. that's pathetic.

the guy selling his page by the pixel got like 100 million visitors.

anyhow. craigslist rocks. see that phone number on - that's the phone number made possible by some dude on craigslist who responded to my plea for a free phone within 15 minutes. By noon the next day i had a free phone to plug in to my outlet... 15 minutes later some spammer from India was calling me about my interest rates....

time... So hook it up, click on - it's good for a chuckle. plus there's a geeked contest with some swank y3k prizes including a 3d scanner... :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

le bus

nearing the end of the month, the end of a two year residency in my abode, and the bus project is taking shape.

here are a couple pics

And thanks go out to Todd Eli + Gaston & Wyatt for the wood... This stuff is beautiful!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

getting vrml / wavefront from molecular data into blender 3d . vol 1

So far getting the VRML output from different softwares has been a bit of a chore. We started out using
  • Rasmol. It renders the sticks in VRML however it doesn't do the ribbons.... stay tuned for updates this summer - the developers have noted the bug and emailed me back to say they're aimin' to squash it
  • Chimera It renders the VRML for anything, however having a time getting the files in to blender
  • VMD Halelujah - well it's a different approach altogether... and who'da thunk. Had to use an older version to run it on my osx 3.xx powerpc and... score - rendered to wavefront and... shazaam...

Well least surprising surprise d'jour - PDB2Blend is some wiley kraut's python script for getting the data straight - doesn't do everything VMD does... ball and stick, space fill, and a stick.... still very cool

Friday, May 18, 2007

practice and perfect

whoever said practice makes perfect is a jerk. it may make you slightly better than terrible, you're lucky when someone shows up and whoops ya. and that reminds of a singularly decent quote

"Go ahead and do your best - don't think for an instance that you're doing very well, doing much right, or worth noting, really though - go ahead and do your best, it's worth it." -Stein Kretsinger

walking the walk go the adventurers - 1600 miles of coast line from Florida to New York.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Viva le Jihad - Sicily 1943

From recent work on surfaces this moment in history - garnered straight from the 26th Infantry log files. It is worth mentioning only as a counterpoint to current relationship status between americans and arabs at a political level. Clearly times have changed

27 July 1943

This was the 17th day of the campaign.

At 0020 hours the radio operator for headquarters listened to the message tapped out, grinned and then handed it to a runner. The runner looked at the message, also smiled, and then took it to the Staff, still up and about in the small black operations tent. Captain Dreier looked at the message, nodded his thanks to the runner and dismissed him. Next to get the news was the Colonel, who announced the news to all the officers.

The 4th Tabor would be attached to the 1st Infantry Division, and would operate on the left flank of the Division, wearing French helmets and American fatigues.

Translated, that meant a regiment of Moroccans called Goums, composed of 4 companies, would augment the division effort. These Moroccan warriors with their pigtails and brown burnous’ were not entirely new to us, either in this war or World War I. In the great summer offensives launched by the Allies in 1918, the 1st Division had operated with the First Moroccan Division on its flank. And in this war, during the Ousseltia Valley campaign, these deadly raiders had spread death and terror among the German and Italian units on the djebela guarding the road to Kairouan. The Axis troops knew that these Goumiers had a reputation for not taking any prisoners, and for delighting in fighting at very close quarters – preferable with knives. Now they were to work with us, and the chances were that the Italians and Germans would know it double-quick time the Goumiers were around. No wonder the officers grinned. They knew the short fierce raids that the Goumiers liked to launch. And they knew the incessant guard duty it entailed to ward off such sudden blows; it was bound to affect morale.