Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Greenstone Digital Library and Archive Tool


Nearly seven years of development over in the New Zealand backwoods - brought by UNESCO to the public as a free open-source multimedia library package...

Key Features:

* Handles PDF, Microsoft, SQL, Images, Sound, Video

* Search through Lucene Engine

* Indexes to Dublin Core, Marc 21, METS, DSpace, and Open Archive Standards

* "The Librarian" Interface (not live on demo site) allows librarians to moderate the media that is viewed and how it is searched


1) Click on "26th Infantry History"

2) Search for "Tunisia"

3) Use the interface that is built in to documents or it can be arranged hierarchically - each document can be arranged as is best suited for that unique document

4) "Detach" document allows the document to be viewed in a seperate browser window

5)Highlighting is toggled via switch at top

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