Saturday, September 10, 2005

How to Jihad

Golly, lotta people out there arguing over this. Arguing for the sake of argument, and not too much more. not a tip toer meself, let's rock it out - i've been on a serious Jihad for about five years now. It's a heck of a trip, gotta tell ya, and it's the only thing worth doin' - least for some of us. And it's fun. And it's non-violent.

Best Jihadist of the last century: Ghandi

Not Jihad: Osama bin Laden, Saddham Hussein

Ever wonder why it seems like the Arab world is crazy - cause crazy makes the headlines, and submissive Islamic people ain't newsworthy - it's like if you judged America by Timothy McVeigh or some such crap. Looking at the world from their perspective is like us looking at them from our perspective - of course the pisser here is that the only folks who're gonna read this are gonna have to be on the Internet - and that's a fairly erudite group, most of them (I assume) know better than to hate other people as a group. It's like saying New Jersey belongs under the ocean. Yes, there is a lot of crud in NJ. Then again, meet a guy from New Jersey, tell him you're from Jersey, and you've got a new best friend - literally - those folks STICK TOGETHER!!! And that's rad, and that's healthy, and that's Jihad, ya'll. Stickin together, working as a team -- those are ideals that we all know work wonders when it's for the betterment of the earth, and not against some other group. Anyhow, this tiny miniscule ant is off to pick pears and make some yogurt and gleefully accept his puniness with a glass of coffee and a grin,
good luck
good love
rock on

ps Yeeeeehaw = Jihad in English

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