Friday, November 18, 2005

Virginia Goat Herders Attack Kudzu - Kudzu Fights Alcohol Back

Kudzu Korner next to chez wahoowa and the tracks - this is where the initial harvest may begin...
Final Answer Courtesy Apalachia Science in the Public Interest - managing kudzu in south western virginia

West Virginia Goat Study adds Kudzu Management to the list of cool goat funktions. The Virginia State Dairy posse knows this all too well, yet their local hero John Coles - o tempora, o mores... ya know?

kick kudzu in the kiester and get back to your big backyard!

Also check out Kudzu Cuisine some nice recipes - a vinegar I bet she end's up selling on Ebay :)

In a bizarre twist kudzu is also well known in China as a drinking dispeller, an unusual property according to David Lee of Research Park
This may be good news for the wahoos - Charlottesville's a village covered in kudzu and booze.

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