Thursday, November 17, 2005

Community Security Cameras & Phone-a-thon North Korea

Got a new site going up - bit of a tongue twister. Anyhow, its funktion is to focus attention on the up side of massive, affordable camera and recording technology.

Phone-a-thon North Korea - raise 1,000,000 cameraphones for North Korea - reaching out and not touching. As a general rule it seems almost any two average people can get along. As a general rule it is the massive egos ruling nations that sets stuff to ruin. North Korea suffers one of the greatest most despotic regimes ever recorded. Add to that a couple of Nukes and it's time we get to negotiating. We can let our leaders do some of that, and with "Kick Mass" Condi around it's more likely than ever to happen - we need to get in there though, and explain to these people what's going on!!! They're our brothers and sisters, ya'll or close enough, and letting them suffer brings great suffering to everyone. Please help with ideas or items,

Spread the love - if you're reading this you can help.

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