Thursday, November 10, 2005

Neo (sporin) Nazi

Neosporin kicks ass. Neosporin demolishes virus, bacteria, fungi and it kills it fast. It's brutal. It slays meager and ruthless ectodermal flora and fauna like homeboy makes hay. Speaking of making f-in hay what the heck is the deal with the dopes driving their lawnmowers around the yard - taking gasoline and turning the blood, sweat, and lives of American Soldiers to have a nice lawn. That's a mess, that's not funny at all. That's so irresponsible it makes me wonder what has happened to the balls of the men in America. Men, look in there. If you don't see a pair of nuts you are in "trouble" to say the least. You are making bad decisions and all the rest of the men in the world are all laughing at you.

This does not apply to gardeners and this does not apply to lawn-caretakers who are often the baddest of the breed.

This refers to the schmucks who sit their with FUBAR lawnmowers twice a week to keep your wifey on the suck. Listen bro, it's not worth it. So do something else. Wait and let it get gnarly. Let it get three or four feet high, and harvest the stuff. At least then you're a badass.

This is for your own good. If you don't have a pair of nuts, pretend. Stop mowing your grass. If you must kill, be a neo-sporin nazi. There's plenty of killin for everyone, and everyone knows you gotta keep your eye on the little guy!

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