Friday, December 09, 2005

40' container to (Iraqi) freedom, almost a year ago, succeeded in shipping a container of computers to Iraq - supplementing a group already established in the Northern region where the Kurds live. It will be interesting to see where our efforts may land. The right stuff is sure to emerge in time. has created a really cool all-purpose completely wilderness ready solar /pedal powered system with a satellite com-link and we'll see what that baby runs. Looking forward to it. According to Charles Brennick - the tireless captain of the shipping costs should not run about $8,000 or so from the United States through Turkey and onland through to Iraq. To the South where the Ma'dan live - p'raps another couple grand.

Update - Lisa @ Trans Global Moving has a quote @ $6,900 to Kuwait = very cool. She says an armed Mad Max style escort into Iraq is necessary for anything beyond the border. Armed escorts in the region run $8,000 to $12,000. 3fty.Us is now up and running - a defaul Joomla package with some nice components running.

Clock is a tick tockin'

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