Monday, March 21, 2005

Living will - this is my "living well" living will

Hi Ya'll - For what it is worth - let it hereby be known that if I'm ever in a spot where I'm unable to speak for myself or act under my own recognizance -- please let me go. Give me a decent push if that's all it takes. That's it. No intubations. No Hostpitals. Given that I love life, and as long as I may rock, I hope to hop around rockin'. Next scene - an outdoor funeral pyre - call the police or firefolks first. Let them know you're having a bon bon-fire. Then burn the whole thing up spark it and that's it. Once stuff's settled try to plant a tree on top of the burn site. A banyan might be nice. Maybe a walnut, a dogwood, an apple. No ornamentals.
Party on,
/Anson David Parker/

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