Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Potato dub

We have planted about ten types of potatos today. All Blue, Russian Fingerling, Rose Gold, Yukon Gold, Island Sunshine.... list to expand in the next few days. The tiller and synapsed to my skin earlier this morning, and we are getting along agreeably well... plowed about forty rows, and that's a good start. My co-workers are well mannered, wholesome, and healthy. Whatta blast.

So here's the system
------------ where 1) ----------- ='s a row
x<->x<->x<->x 2) x ='s potato
------------ 3) <-> ='s about 12 inches
x<->x<->x<->x 4) -----------
------------ ----------- ='s space between 2 row for ho'in
every twenty rows or so we farmscape - look at ATTRA 's website for some clues -- we're planning to do some wormwood, some coriander, and somme other spices - we'll keep ya posted.
The bat houses look especially intriguing... if anyone out there has a clue post it!
rock on

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