Sunday, March 20, 2005

GIS in it

Still waiting on the Knoppix-GIS package to arrive from Sweden or wherever the heck. It will add a complete GIS solution to my desktop, and if I can find the seerver space for it I'll host it for you there... I downloaded v1.0- - it took about three days of periodic wireless hook-ups to get the 690 MB file. MD5'd it with fastsum and yup - there she is. Oh well, GRASS is a heck of a "solution" set - now it's time to get some data in there. I'm in the Charlottesville region, looking at working on a farm called Maple Hill farm - aka The best of what's around. So now it's time to figure out why anyone cares, or how it works - generally I don't even know enough to ask ask a question yet, so I'm asking the pro's who wrote the guidebook ANSWERS.

This is so cool -- GRASS started out as a US Military Project. They passed the torch on to Baylor and then the Italians (see above link) and Germans took the European lead picked it up from there. After that was done the download in Sweden (sourcepole link above). Git down with the global download / freenode. Ain't the net cool?


OK so a tutorial in GIS data to follow from the ANSWERS query below
rock on

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