Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monetizing library records marc, usmarc, marcxml, marc 97 etc with Koha and the Liblime Enhancement

OK - started this a few months ago, and really not totally convinced Koha is gonna do what I need - neverthless it's worth a look if all you've got are a bunch of Marc Records. Greenstone.org's product, however, handles marc and a gajillion other formats....

The Enhanced Koha LibLime style is an amazing piece of code, picking up where the left of the geeksquads in dev land leave off - integrating a functional and user-friendly Amazon.com row into the matrix let's users "buy it now" from amazon while browsing through the collection in Koha gives libraries looking to justify digitizing their collections added incentive.

Getting Koha running can be a bit of work, depending on your operating system. IndexData does most of their work on Debian based systems (think Ubuntu) - and if you're running anything else it may take a few tries to get the whole thing running.

For a better understanding of the install process they have created a wiki and decent documentation.

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