Saturday, March 22, 2008

our daily bread board

Today working for the third week on the Arduino Diecimila chip - combined with a GM862 and a one-wire temp sensor -
From Our Daily Bre...

and so now I gotta connect that diecmila on the left to the one wire sensor to the 50 pin break-out board to get a SMS message to a buddy when the temperature drops below 26 degrees farenheit.

The software employed is arduino sdk and the One wire + arduino tutorial

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Opally said...

Hey, Anson, this is Diana Brewster. I wanted to get in touch with you about the music event this weekend.
1) Are you "hosting" it? (meaning: are you doing the inviting/organizing?)
2) I have two musician friends who may be interested in coming, can they come? and
3) Do you have info about this event somewhere on the Web? All Richard and I remember is that it's in the Ix complex someplace. Oh, also,
4) Can we help? Bring something to defray costs?

You can contact me at my Blogger account, I think... email visible to you? Return comments will come to me. Well, there's some relationship to this post, you did get this breadboard from Richard, right? :)

Also: I am sorry I didn't offer you a ride after you visited us, we're such suburbanites, we presumed you drove!