Wednesday, September 03, 2008

mexican jesus

His name is Jesus - as appears on his name tag. On his helmet, where many others put their names for clear view, he has typed "Mexican." That's right- he's our Mexican Jesus... but seriously ya'll as our nation debates as to "what to do with all these immigrants" I would encourage the following line of reasoning these "Mexicans" are vastly more "American" than your average honky walking on the street. Their ancestors were here 25,000+ years before most of the people reading this got here. Jesus here speaks some of the original Aztec language... how many "Americans" speak ONE WORD of native tongue. Most "Americans" have been in the USA less than 100 years, and are now trying to perform a repeat of the conquistadors actions. Viva la revolucion, and to all you "Mexicans" - please move to Charlottesville. We need more of you. Ya'll are way cooler than most of these immigrants from the North.

Para aquellos hablando espanol - por favor vengan todos a Charlottesville, Virginia -es la mejor ciudad en EEUU- ademas todo el mundo habla un poco de espanol aca. Hay de buen trabajo, la tierra es buena para la agricultura, la gente es bastante rica, y la clima es excelente - siqguen rockirollando amigos ;)

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