Monday, January 30, 2006

Online dating scandal - and back to the pumpkin patch

28 year old male, scared of AIDS, nervous around children, and mistrustful of condoms seeks - likeminded hot women for non-sexual highly erotic adventures.

Sweet tagline. Let 'em know you're serious about not givin' a hoot. It's only earnesty. It's also hilarious. It was the new year of the dog and I spent a weekend off the leash. Put it on the table.

A single response came from an elegant lass with great hair and the guts to laugh along. The rest wisely ignored the once in a long-time promo. No mystique there - cause face it - the only thing you're gonna get for richer or poorer with online dating is an STD.

Well it worked out well. Got online, made a digital connection, shared a few laughs and got out (profile deleted, bogus email address = el gonissimo)

And all you sista's BE SAFE - get that dog tested before you find out the REALLY hard way - hard is good, hard is nice, be smart, cause hardball may not give you a second chance! (and ain't no hard ball that much fun to play).

This punk is back to his pumpkin patch. Much safer, and dividends.... amazing dividends.

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