Wednesday, March 29, 2006

lightscribe is awesome

lightscribe is the most awesome technology i have witnessed - amazing stuff. professional quality out of the box badsas anyhow, it's rad. on average a full image takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes to burn - the time is well spent - the design package that came with the pack "prints" the design, the package prompts you all sortsa blah blah. it's worth answerin because after all - blah blah reminds you that some bastard over yalls onder and back had to program that blah blah and it said a load of jack that actureally mattered. programmers all over the planet right now are laughing about this that and the other php perl myscript or your script or whatever have you - and props out to for givin me a such an awesome technology as a dual-purpose laser etching through microns of material... i'm sure someone will come along and try to make the whole thing faster, believe me though -buyer beware - the time frame is awesome on this model - between every print a pause - time to reflect on the product... create a lineage of prints or refine a particular ... blah blah blah---

also in the news - walmart serves up a mean salmon! on rare occassions legend tells of excellent fresh salmon steaks flying in from around the globe and landing right in the right place at the right time and with some hickory chips and a half hour cookin slow... you gotta respect their shipping and handling department - they are the masters of transportatio hats off to ya's!

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