Monday, April 03, 2006

more microdem + some white_dune

Anyhow, this week is back to 3d rendering in microdem and getting these GEOTIFF files to cooperate... also learning the joys and aches of white_dune - the open source VRML editor

ps for some really sweet Virtual Reality Markup Language (.wrl) files on the natch check out Peter Guth's (Microdem's Author) directory tree.

VRML Bridges, powerlines, buildings, tanks, aircraft, helicopters etc... totally badass - all in VRML 1.0 specification.

To convert these guys for white_dune (VRML 2 (some folks call it VRML97) you can use a nifty piece of software called Crossroads 3D if that's not doing it for you (it can drop out occasionally on large files) the vrml1 to vrml2 converter is a nice commandline utility that whoops.

Once you've got everything in VRML 2 (VRML 97) you can begin working in white_dune - the biggest challenge their is the preview window and moving objects around in there - if you've got a 3d mouse / joystick you may have more success and simplify your life - otherwise it's not bad.

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Anonymous said...

i'm trying to find you. I'm in pittsburgh now and will be heading to c'ville around apr. 21. let me know what's up.